10 Nigerian Jobs That May Turn Female Employees To Runs Girls

In order for some ladies to stay afloat and get rapid promotion in their jobs, they may be forced to become runs girls due to the pressures from employees to meet monthly target and retain customers. 

Without wasting time, below are the job that may turn female employees to runs girls

1. Bank and Insurance Marketing

This job comes with monthly revenue target that is very difficult to meet. By the reason of this, female employers might be put in compromising position whereby they flirt with wealthy men just to persuade them to regular deposit. They might be forced to honour night parties and hotel invitations by pot bellied customers just to source for clients that will pay money into their bank accounts and meet their targets

2. Bartenders/Stripper

Dating a lady that works as a club attendant can be very risky considering the fact that these female employees often get to meet rich and wealthy night crawlers which makes it hard for them to resist the huge amount of money being offered to them from these perverted men for a "quick round" at the brothel. The chances of a bartender girl becoming a runs girl is very high.

3. Waiters/ Hotel Receptionists

Many will agree with me that female waiters always are prone to becoming runs girls because some of them are not well paid, therefore, they source for stomach infrastructure by clinching with any wealthy customer that winks at them.

4. Video Vixen

When a lady becomes a video vixen, it's just a little for her to become wayward. Some of them end up trading their body for celebrities just to feature in their videos while some of them end up becoming celebrated prostitutes just to ride their way to the top.

6. Beauty Specialists

Most of these hired hair stylists and make-up artists are prone to becoming runs girl due to pressures from producers directors. That's why most men are never comfortable seeing their girlfriends or wives doing such a job.

7. Street Hawking

Most of those women selling agbo(herbs) and hawking alcohol drinks such as baby oku, doro webo, pakurumo, dadubule, muscular, ota piazza and opa eyin are mostly runs women because na baba alaye dey mostly parol them. This reminds me when my girlfriend told me she wanted to hawk agbo during her IT period and I began to rain curses on her and that she should consider me gone if she ever ventured into such a ridiculous business

8. Filling Station Attendants

As we all know that pump attendants are not well paid, therefore, some of these ladies may not be able resist the invitations of wealthy customers who ride exotic cars to buy petrol at their filling stations. I have seem cases when customers drove their cars to petrol stations just to flirt with them and satisfy their joysticks

9. Hair Dressing

Most hair dressers are usually very promiscuous and I still don't know why.

10. Flight Attendants

Some airline hostess use their beauty to trap big men in first class cabinet by being unnecessary nice and caring to them. The same way Laura nutmeged Adams Oshiomole in first class cabinet. These kind of babes can never consider dating someone who doesn't even know the road to the airport let alone occupy an airplane first class cabinet.

I drop my pen at this juncture

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