5 Cities With The Highest Number Of "RUNS" Ladies And Their Coded Language

I've just discovered the new code/method being used by some 'runs' girls these days. Especially those ones on campus.

Whenever any of them is going out of town to do her runs or meet her lover(s), she is always telling whosoever cares to know that she's going for a wedding somewhere. And she does this almost every weekend, as you will never find her at home or on campus most weekend. Cos she's always going for one wedding or the other every weekend, only to return on sunday or monday morning. and funny enough you'll never see or see them upload pics of the so called wedding they went for. maybe dem no dey take pics for such 'weddings'.
 If she was invited by her friend, that one would simply tell her that there is a "package" for you this weekend meaning there is a man or men available for her. Below is the list:

5 Cities With Most RUNS Ladies

1. Ph....Every girl in ph is a potential runs girl.

2 . Lagos......90% are runs girls.

3. Abuja.......80% are runs girls.

4. Benin......Almost every girl is a runs girl.

5. Owerri.......Secondary school girls are the current runs girls.

Written By  ogahlouiskid18

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