TOO BAD: Wife Stabs her Husband to Death In Bayelsa

The kind of mess in some family these days is mind-boggling, and in most cases it is just a case of the wife failing to accord her husband his due respect as her senior and the head of the house.
Many ladies of today want to claim equal rights with their husband due to the trash they read online. How sad! Tragedy struck in Bayelsa on Wednesday following the stabbing to death of a lawyer, Henry Gagariga, by his wife, Victoria. It was gathered that Victoria, 28, killed 33-year-old Gagariga at their residence by stabbing him in the neck with a kitchen knife following a bitter quarrel over “a minor domestic issue” at the break of dawn.
Their friends and associates say this is not the first time Victoria will be stabbing her husband over flimsy excuses during argument but this time, he lost his life.

She is currently being held at Akenfa police station in Bayelsa state over his murder. Her friends say they’ve not been allowed to see her to talk to her and find out what happened.

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