Buhari Has Health Issues and May not Last More Than a Year in Office Before Dying - Daily Post Reveals

A source, knowledgeable of happenings within the corridors of power, Aso Rock, has said there is a security report concerning the health of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the APC presidential standard bearer.

The source told Daily Post that the 72 year-old former
Head of State may not live more than a year or two if he
assumes office as Nigeria's President in 2015.
"Many people think the presidency or the PDP is trying to
portray Buhari in a bad light or declare him unfit for the
nation's topmost job but the information I am giving you is
authentic," he assured.
Asked to provide specifics of the content of the security
report to back up his claim, the source said: "A part of it
goes thus: "Should Buhari win, he may not be able to
complete a single four-year tenure due to his health condition as he continues to manage his health secretly." "Let me ask you these questions: Why do you think Tinubu was ready to risk a Muslim/Muslim ticket?

Why do you think he presented himself at the eleventh hour when talks were on to pick Buhari's running mate? When he failed in his quest, why do you think he picked his associate of 20

"The truth is that Tinubu and his cohorts knows the
demands of office will tell on Buhari and same will either kill
him or weigh him down excessively," the source added.
North not backing Buhari
The source further told Daily Post that powers that be in the
North are not comfortable with the choice of Buhari.
"Look, many eminent personalities in the North are not
supporting Buhari's candidature because they also know
this fact that I am saying," he said.
"They are aware that Buhari may not see 2019, so they
don't want to gamble. We all know there exists a Northern
cabal and these guys will rather wait for President
Jonathan to complete his eight years and hand over to
them. They want eight years too!
"So they have agreed not to throw their weight behind
Buhari, who may not even see four years through. The
North do not want a repetition of the Yar'adua saga; there
are being very careful.
"This is because if anything happens to Buhari, power will
return to the South; South-West for that matter and this
may happen less than a decade after Baba Obasanjo left
Aso Rock.
"Not just that, power will effectively be in the hands of the
rogue called Bola Tinubu because Osinbajo is his
confirmed stooge. Can you now see all these indices? Now,
who in his or her right senses would believe that the North
are backing Buhari. Certainly, not the North I know."

source: Daily Post

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