A MUST READ: 7 Top Qualities Of A Big Girl

Let talk about the "big girl"  Who is a big girl?? =>The fact that different guys pick you up every Friday night or Saturday night does not make you a big girl.

Even the fact that you wear all latest clothes and trends available in the market does not make you a big girl,and the fact that that you use the latest Android or Apple gadget for purposes of communication and different guys deposit money in your bank account does not make you a big girl or even a smart one,you are actually only ruining your future... Then,who is a big girl?

1. big girls don't pretend to be celebrities
big girl don't pretend or form like they are celebrities, by trying to make semi Unclad or Unclad photos, no guy will want that for a wife, you got curves do not expose them all round thinking it make you a big girl, make them look decent, we call this type of girls, "ladies of influence "

2. Big girls are royalty big girls don't flirt with men around, they respect their relationship, respect her value of womanhood, carries her dignity around neither does she brag about number of men she slept with or how many beer bottle she can drink

3. Big girls are supportive
in as much as men want to be caretakers, even the strongest of men want a soft place to fall, big girls stand by theirs men anytime anyday instead of collecting ever kobo that comes out of the guys pocket

4. Big girls are independent big girls have a life, the feel contended with what the have, the don't push men around but give them space to do their own thing

5. Big girls don't piece all their body big girls don't put holes in every part of their body just to impress or trying to look like daddy shoki with earrings all over your ears, eyes, and nose, real big girls look classic with proper piecing in the right places

6. Big girls don't belittle people a big girl pays attention to every call to listen what the person has to say, big girls don't go snubbing people all way round in every place the pass, it show signs of immaturity

7. Big girls are the one with enough brains big girls are creative thinkers, the put their head straight, bring up good ideas and are not addicted to chatting with men alone

Above all,Be bold but humble,be Godly,be hardworking,be ambitious but contented,Don't make men a priority in life. Real men will seek after you..
Build yourself into a woman men will always want to take home to their mamas,not the one they want to take to restaurants and hotels only.
Trust me,if you trap a man with your body,he will go one day...

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