Nigeria's Gallant Soldiers ambush and kill 300 Boko Haram Terrorists

Our soldiers are still doing their best, in spite of the obvious challenges. More than 200 Boko Haram are said to have been killed in Yobe, following Monday’s deadly attack on the state capital, Damaturu.
That number could be even higher, as the Hausa service of the BBC is reporting over 300 members of the militia to have died in the battle. It was gathered that 33 Nigerian policemen and some medical personnel are among those who died in the violence.

The Islamic militants, who arrived in many utility vehicles and motorcycles, deployed deadly weapons in the onslaught. They burnt down several blocks of buildings at the State University, the MOPOL base, some public schools and several other public places.

A resident Bukar Yakubu, who spoke to SR from Yobe expressed appreciation for the courage of the military to defeat Boko Haram. “They really tried even though it was not easy but they killed more than 100 and some of them were captured today."
A hospital source said that over a hundred corpses killed by the military were brought to the Specialist Hospital in Damaturu. She added that some military men and police officers who were injured were also brought in for treatment.
A BBC report said that Nigerian soldiers were jubilating in Damaturu over the victory.

It would be recalled that the Yobe state government yesterday issued a statement in which it commended the military for a great job of repelling the insurgents.
Governor Ibrahi Gaidam also thanked residents for their support and cooperation with security agents and urged them to continue to support the security efforts till the insurgency is brought to an end.

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