Ladies Here Are The Silly Things You Need To Leave In 2014

Not written by me but learn and enjoy! I wrote this article some months ago. I shared it on an online forum and would like girls to learn from it. I just don't know why many of us indulge in these irritating behavior.

Asking a guy you just met for recharge card
This is very annoying. It makes you look cheap. A guy met you in the afternoon, gave you a call in the evening and you are already asking him to send you a recharge card. Trust me, that guy can never respect you. He might eventually send you the recharge card, but the only thing on his mind would be to sleep with you once or twice and get rid of you.

Judging a guy by his looks
I believe guys should be the ones that should be hell bent on beauty and physical appearance. Dont fall for a guy chiefly because he looks good physically. You need to access his acumen, sense of judgment, level-headedness, dreams etc. What makes a good guy is by far more than just looks.

Manipulating a guy to over spend for you on a date
Because he looks rich and came to the eatery in a car makes you feel you can drain his pocket abi. This instantaneously tells the guy that you are a hungry girl and from a very poor background. Cant you just order for just one ice cream or a soft drink and be fine with this cool dude. Even if you do not like him, do not do this. Trust me, the guy will never call you again and if he does he only wants to get laid just once. The worst is taking your friend along so that you can both finish him.

Pouting of lips to take a selfie
Do we have to do this? Its so disgusting. Okay fine, I am guilty of this too and am going to stop. Every picture of a girl on facebook shows her pouting her lips to look pretty. This doesn't make us look prettier; it only make us look childish. I didnt realise it makes me look like a kid until my boyfriend told me 5 days ago.

Forcing yourself on a guy that doesn't give a damn about you
If a guy likes you, he will show it. Dont you ever force yourself on a guy. You can indicate some green lights but don't force yourself on him. If you do he will treat you like poo. I have read some post here on Nairaland telling girls how to woo a guy. Dont try it. There are a million subtle ways to make him see that you like him than forcing yourself on him and asking him out outrightly.

Keeping too many boyfriends
Cant we just be cool with one guy we love? 8 boyfriends equals to 8 Joysticks. Jesus Christ! How many guys are combing you?

- From a lady who has seen it all

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