Jezebel in the Church: Can a Christian Woman Be A Sexy Woman?

Jezebel. Most Christians are very familiar with her name and her story. She is synonymous with sin, mischief and lust. She is a wanton woman, the worst of her kind, a sexual deviant with the power to destroy men and nations. She is a “bad woman.”
The good woman/ bad woman dichotomy is one that has spanned the ages. It can be argued that it originates from the Bible with comparisons between “Good women,” such as Mary, mother of Jesus, and Ruth, vs. the infamous “Bad women,” like Jezebel, Delilah and the original sinner, Eve. What I find most intriguing are the ways in which beauty and sexuality contribute to their “badness.” All three women, are infamous for their ability to corrupt men, or as in the case of Eve, mankind. As a result, society has embraced this lesson, Woman, if not controlled, will corrupt. She is sinful.

Her most powerful weapons are love, beauty and sexuality and if allowed, she will be the downfall of man. Consequently, the message to men becomes: Never trust, or love, a woman that possesses too much beauty or that illumes too much sexuality. She will control and, ultimately, destroy you. Hence, “good women” are pure, sexless, humble and plain (think Mary or Ruth, neither of which are known for their looks) and “bad women” are brazen, self-assured, beautiful and sexual.

Can a Christian Woman Be A Sexy Woman?

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