HELP!: Her Husband Caught Her Cheating & Didn't React. Is Her Life Safe?

A woman came to the hospital today very anxious, sleep deprived, poor appetite, headache, generally a nervous wreck. When questioned she says her husband caught her cheating on him by walking in on them in a compromising position at her shop.
He responded by turning and walking away. She returned home later that evening after thinking of how best to confront the situation but the man has not brought up the matter since then.

She said it has been over a week now and Oga is carrying on as if nothing happened and she is going crazy with anxiety because she doesn't know what is running through his mind.

I asked if she had done something like this before and she swore she hadn't, that it was bad judgement on her part with a former ex. I suggested she be the one to breach the subject to her husband but some of my colleagues believe she should let sleeping dogs lie and take a sedative.

What do you guys think?

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