A MUST READ: 6 Ways A Woman Can Ruin Her Relationship

 I’ve been asked by readers to highlight the problems that are caused by women in relationships. So, here goes…

1.  Entertaining another man 
When you’re good looking… guys will compliment you. It’s okay to be polite and to engage in small talk. It’s also okay for you to get excited that a hot guy said, “You’re gorgeous”. But when you decide to exchange phone numbers and justify your actions by saying “he’s just a friend” then you’re asking for trouble. As time passes, you begin to develop an emotional bond with this man… you start to delete his inappropriate messages, you lock your phone with passwords, you think about him during the days, you think about him while you’re with your boyfriend.
When you have an argument with your boyfriend… guess who you’re gonna turn to?
2.  Having too many drinks
Girls night out! You’re having a great time with your friends… you feel nice (tipsy). A cute guy introduces himself, offers to buy you a drink and you accept. He begins to flirt, you flirt back. A few drinks later, he feels comfortable enough to put his hand on your side while he seduces you.
By the way, this is not a ‘mistake’… you consciously allowed yourself to become vulnerable.
3.  Making comparisons
When you constantly compare your relationship to other couples… it will frustrate your man. You don’t need to make remarks like “Why can’t you be as affectionate as Matthew?”  This, however, does not mean that you shouldn’t encourage your man to improve in certain areas but there are more effective ways to do so.
4.  Lack of trust
When he was courting you, he used to send you cute messages throughout the day. Even though he was at work (or in class)… he found a way to constantly text you. It’s understandable that you would love him to be as responsive as he was in the dating stages… but his messaging rate was not sustainable. This does not mean he’s becoming complacent, this does not mean he’s busy texting other women, this does not mean he’s losing interest.
5.  Constantly complaining to your female bestie
You don’t need to give your friend all the negative details about your relationship… especially if you fail to mention the good stuff that he does. If every time you’re upset with your boyfriend, you feel the need to bad chat him with your bestie… 
6.  Becoming complacent
Your man values your personality, that’s why he asked you to be his girlfriend. But a man also loves it when his lady is looking stunning in a sexy dress. At the party, he feels good to know that other men are thinking “damn dat girl look good”. When he started dating you… you were energetic, spontaneous and in-shape.  These days, you make excuses for going out on a Friday night, you make excuses for going to the gym, you make excuses for everything

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