Local hunters kill 80 Boko Haram members, reclaim Mahia town

No fewer than 80 members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect were said to have been killed on Tuesday by local hunters in Mahia area of Adamawa State.
It was learnt from one of the local hunters, who was part of the team that engaged the terrorist group in a fierce battle, that they were angered by Monday’s attack on their town, deciding to move against the terrorists.

The local hunters, who spoke on condition of
anonymity to our correspondent on Wednesday, said they mobilised local hunters from surrounding towns to engage the insurgents and they were successful in recapturing their town.

He said, “We fought gallantly, killed 80 members of the insurgents and recaptured Mahia Local Government headquarters (from their control).”

He boasted that if given the chance by the military authorities, the hunters would have dispersed the insurgents from all the captured areas of Adamawa and beyond.

He said, “The military kept telling us that we cannot be allowed to go after the insurgents since we are not legally constituted.

“We can only appeal to the military authorities to scrutinise us and authorise us to face the Boko Haram insurgents in a battle which I believed we will defeat the insurgents and regain our land.

“If the military can authorise us and give us back- ups, we will wipe out the insurgents because we know their hideouts and if it is juju (local charms), we will match them it.

“Boko Haram fear us because they know what we can do.

Let the military leave us with Boko Haram and see what is going to happen.

We took advantage of the fact that the soldiers have fled the area and used the opportunity to kill and chase some of the insurgents out of Mahia.”


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