Full Details about Heartbreaking Video of Nanny Brutally Assaulting A Child

This story and video has been trending online since yesterday.. And i think some of you would want to see this. As a parent, this video completely breaks you down.

Watching this nanny violently assault this little girl, kick her like she was a ball, step on her like she was a carpet, slap her like they were of the same age was a painful, heartbreaking thing to do.

Makes you question if being a working mum is worth it at all because truth be told, this may be happening to our kids right in our homes in our absence. Thank God for nanny cams.

I just did some digging about this video and here's what I found out, guys - this actually happened in Uganda. Little girl's name is Aneela and after her parents saw the video, Aneela's dad gave the nanny a very sound beating, almost to death. The police I learnt came for him but after he showed them the inhumane video, they took the maid away. She was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the abuse! But there are cries, outrage that 3 years is not enough punishment for this brutal assault. Some people, alongside one of Aneela's aunties, are asking that the maid be killed if possible.

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