Prostitute Steals Her Client’s $25K Rolex Watch & Hides It In Her Private Part.

Arrested For Stealing Male Client’s $25K Rolex Watch & Hiding It In Her Private Part In New York Hotel.
Pictured above is Shacarye Tims an alleged prostitute who recently stole an expensiveRolex Watchbelonging to one of her clients in Manhattan area of New York.

The victim, a tourist from Australia met Tims at a bar and the two later left for Holiday Inn in Manhattan to cool down after a few drinks.
As they were about to get intimate, Tims told the guy to remove his Rolex watch because it’s scratching her.
Few minutes later, the guy noticed that he couldn’t find his expensive watch on the nightstand again.

Pretending to help the victim, the suspect told him to check the back of the night stand as she hurried out of the hotel room.
As she was about to leave the hotel lobby, a thorough search revealed that the missing Rolex watch had been kept in her private part.
According to the Criminal court complaint, Shacarye Tims has been charged with larceny and robbery.

Lolz..... 25k dollars no be small money na

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