Nigerian Army Arrests 57 boko Haram Members On Sallah

The Nigerian military in Yobe state arrested dozens of suspected Boko Haram militants who had allegedly sneaked into the state capital Potiskum to prepare attacks during Eid, a senior security source said Saturday.
“We have in the last three days made 57 arrests of suspected Boko Haram terrorists who infiltrated Potiskum in preparation for planned massive attacks during the Eid celebrations,” said the source who asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

“They were arrested in different parts of the town and they were sent in advance, while weapons they were to use in the planned attacks were to be smuggled in later,” he said.

The traditional chief of Potiskum had to make a last-minute change in the venue of the Eid prayers because of security concerns, residents said.

The military on Friday barred residents from travelling out of the state based on fears that they could be attacked on the way. The travel lockdown prevented many residents from buying lambs or other livestock used in traditional sacrifices during the festivities.

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