EXPOSED: Jobless Tenant Impregnated Both Landlord’s Wife And Daughter

Imagine this pathetic occurrence. A tenant was seduced by his landlord’s wife and he fall for it, b
ase on the fact that the landlord was the type that go to work and stay for months before coming back home.

The tenant has the opportunity to perform regular s3xual immorality with the woman..

Astonishingly this same tenant is also having s3xual affair with this same landlord daugther without the awareness of her mother, this continue for months until recently when he (tenant) impregnated both mother and daughter at the same time.

And the woman tried to abort the pregnancy but to no avail, also the young daughter of secondary school age insisted not to take the risk of abortion.

This matter was leaked out when this strange tenant seek for advice from his friend on what to do. his friend now ask for my opinion but i was speechless because to me it’s so weird.

Now tell me what will you do if you are the tenant? Or put yourself into the shoe of the landlord, what will be your reaction?

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