Man Dumps his Rich Lover at Ikoyi Registry And Steal her N4m

The level of desperation amongst some single guys and ladies these days is pushing into taking some very crazy actions, We observed. So many good girls are now falling for wrong guys. Sad!
Uzor Emmanuel, a 45-year old married man with three kids played a fast one on a 42-year old Yoruba lady, Victoria Adeleye at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry in Lagos on Wednesday.

The relationship between Victoria Adeleye and Emmanuel blossomed after they met at a church in Isolo. Just imagine, the stupid man even met her in church? Nawao!
As soon as he discovered that Victory is rich, he rushed and moved into her apartment at Bola Adeyinwa in the Isolo area of Lagos where he started living with her and enjoying her things, while hatching his crazy plans.

Emmanuel who proposed to marry Victory on Wednesday, dumped her at Ikoyi Registry and disappeared with the N4m she kept with him. The wedding was subsequently called-off following Emmanuel’s shameful disappearance.
Friends of the woman, who came to Ikoyi Registry for the wedding ceremony were left in shock as the marriage was cancelled in their presence...

A source told PM News that unknown to Victoria Adelye, Emmanuel was married with three kids. He told her that he was still single and needed to marry since he was already above 40. Since she was also eager to get a husband, she did not waste time to accept him and immediately became an intimate friend with Emmanuel.
On the day of their Registry Wedding, after Victoria had spend money and invited all her friends, they both arrived the registry with friends but while they were waiting for court officials to commence the ceremony, Mr Emmanuel excused himself and went outside the registry. From there he fled with her money and did not return to the hall.

The suspect was later arrested following a tip off. He then confessed that he had a wife with kids and that he was only interested in Victoria Adeleye’s money.
Anyway, the idiot has been charged before the Isolo Magistrate’s court for obtaining under false pretence and stealing under the Criminal Code.

The presiding Magistrate, Mrs F.M. Kayode granted him bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties. He has been remanded in Kirikiri prison until whenever he fulfils his bail condition.
Emmanuel's real wife has refuse to come and bail him, saying she didn't know her husband is that wicked.
The case has been adjourned till October 2nd, 2014, for trial.

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