VIDEO: Popular Actress Afrocandy Sex Tape Part 2 leaked Online! Too badt.

It hasn't been long i shared afrocandy leaked sextape video PART 1 online.. CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT! Guys, i must confess, this is really too bad! Mehn.. Looks like afrocandy is currently going gaga oo..
From info gotten from different sources they claim afrocandy is the one releasing these sextapes herself.
The video shows more crazy sexual scenes of afrocandy one crazy man banging her like seriously.. Guys this is really getting out of hands.. But if seriously she is the one releasing these tapes..

Why dont she just start selling them online and make cool cash from it cos i know there lots of u out there that would pay to see crazy actress afrocandy getting banged!
The video is also in mobile version so you can download easily!

Guys the video is bad! You shouldn't watch oo.. Cos me no watch am.. I am a child of GOD!

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