Young Couple Gets Stuck For 7 Hours During S3X

The lovers were saved from the awkward (and painful) situation by the man’s father. Couple Gets Stuck For A man and his wife in Zimbabwe were caught in a weird situation when they got stuck together during sex.
19-year-old Vongai Nhopi and her 24-year- old husband, Cain Chamhuze couldn’t separate themselves and were glued together for 7 hours! The obviously embarrassed couple had to call Chamhuze’s father to separate them.

Nhopi said: “It started from 2am and we remained stuck together until his father came. He hugged me but couldn’t move his hand. We were separated after 10am when his father came,” “My father in-law said it was something to do with their ancestors,” she said. “His father said they were yet to conduct the required rituals,” Poor couple! That must have been one sticky situation.

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