The 6 Types Of Women Who Always Cheat On Men

Have you read that right, you wonder? Isn’t it always the other way around? Men are traditionally always called the unfaithful ones and the ones most likely to cheat. But there isn’t any rule in the book that says women won’t do it too. 
 They are probably just more subtle or selective about it. Unlike men, with women it isn’t so much an ego boost or a way of reassuring themselves of their intimate prowess. With women the motivations are often far more complex, but of course, no less inexcusable.

Why Do Women Cheat? And Are There Some Women More Prone To Cheating Than Others?
1. The Thrill-Seeker
There are some women who cheat just for the adventure and the sheer high they get from it. This kind of woman usually craves the variety and excitement of one-night stands or short-term affairs. She gets easily bored with the routine and the predictable and loves to live life a little dangerously. That includes seeking a little loving on the side.
2. The Beauty Queen
This kind of woman may not actively seek to stray. The opportunities just keep presenting themselves. She is extremely attractive and sensuous, and somehow men get drawn to her despite themselves and against their better judgment. And of course, it doesn’t seem to matter to either party that one or the other is in a committed relationship.
3. The Insatiable
There are some women who just aren’t content with the physical side of their relationships. They are never satisfied with their sex lives, or in some cases their partners fail to show enough interest in them. Either way they are left wanting. And this drives them to other men’s arms, in an effort to seek pleasure and satisfy their innermost desires.
4. The Cheating Addict
And then there’s the woman for whom cheating is an addiction as sure as others are addicted to alcohol. By cheating, she reassures herself that she is still attractive and men find her desirable. Or she has had an insecure or unpleasant childhood; or an early adulthood which has left its mark on her. As a result of which she finds it hard to commit to a relationship and trust her instincts. By cheating, she knows where she's at and is in control of the situation, while keeping her emotions intact.
5. The Unfulfilled Woman
This woman is deeply dissatisfied with her current relationship. She is either deprived of attention from her current partner, or is being neglected and needs to be reassured of her feminine attributes. Or she's just plain lonely and needs to be held, which often leading to intimacy and an affair .
6. The Tit-For-Tat Woman
And then there’s the woman who knows she’s being cheated upon and in her hurt and anger she feels it's payback time. And so decides to hit back in the same measure. Having done that, she realizes it’s not so bad after all and figures two can play the same game. If you are in a relationship with this kind of a woman, and have just discovered she’s cheating on you, you have to figure out your stake in the relationship. And what, if any, is your contribution to her straying.
If you realize that you have let her down with your neglect, or possibly lack of attention, sexually or otherwise, you are right in feeling that cheating does not justify it. You will have to decide, whether or not there are reasons behind her cheating on you, if you would like to work through it. Or if it is a chronic problem and you can never trust her again, whether you want out

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