REVEALED: How To Know When A Nigerian Girl Don't Want You [MUST READ]

To save guys the trouble and girls, the nuisance, here are seven tell-tale signs that help guys know when to back off.
1. She ignores your calls: This is the number one bummer. This was the first answer I was given by most ladies. You think because she gave you her number when you asked for it means she likes you or would pick up your calls. Think again! If all the time you call, she never picks up, maybe you should consider looking for another babe.

2. She gives you the I’ll-call-you-back flip-off
: This is very common. If she tells you each time you call her, “Bolaji I’m so sorry, I am in the middle of something. I would call you back in five minutes” and then doesn’t, she probably never will. So, don’t wait around for it.

3. She’s always busy/”posting” you:
Okay, now you have her number and she eventually picks up. Then the moment you ask to see her, she tells you a million and one things she has to do: “My brother is sick, I have to stay home with him.” “I already have plans to hang out with my girlfriends. We’ll see tomorrow.” Trust me, she is probably home watching a Vin Diesel movie and eating popcorn. If this consistently happens, this is a sign. Brother, move on!

4. She says she has a boyfriend: Sometimes, this is false, guys. She may not actually be dating anyone and would just tell you this, so you can get off her back. Some even go as far as saying they are gay.
Although this doesn’t stop some determined guys. For these guys, keep on chasing, God is in control of the situation.

5. She is materialistic: I found this answer rather hilarious. One of the ladies I interviewed said, “Its very easy, just demand loads of things from him, he would run away”.
Today, it is her hair, tomorrow, it’s a car. Guys, a little expo, she might not actually be this kind of person. She just does not care about you and wants to discard you. So Romeo, look for your Juliet somewhere else.

6. She prefers dates in public places: This is another sign. Every time you keep asking her out on dates or ask her to have dinner at your house, she looks for ways to shy away. She does not want to be trapped in an uncomfortable position where it would only be the two of you. No matter how hard you try, she would avoid intimate lunches or dinners. She might even bring her friend along. We all know guys hate this.

7. Friendzone: I had to save the best for last. This is very common among the ladies. You like this girl so much and next thing you know, she introduces you as her friend, or even tells you things like, “Tolu, I value our friendship and don’t want to lose you as a good friend”.
Mister, I’m sorry to say, but you have been “friend zoned”.

Most guys like to ignore these signs because they feel she is just playing hard to get. Sometimes guys, this is not the case. She is just not that into you.
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