Police Prevented Driver That Brought In The Woman With Ebola Symptoms To Orile-Agege From Running

God save Lagos! God save Nigeria from Ebola!! If not for policemen who were called in to Orile-Agege General hospital in Agege, another assumed Ebola disaster might have happened.
According to what we gathered; a woman was brought into Orile-Agege general hospital with symptoms of Ebola On Tuesday and Nurses and Doctors refused to attend to her, until State health workers arrived the scene.

Anyway, by the time the taxi driver discovered it might be Ebola, he made an attempt to leave but market women and men who were around the hospital kept screaming he must not move and one of them called in the police who threatened the man that if he moves, they would shoot in. You know the rest of the story, when health workers came; they took both of them away. Read the tweets as narrated by a friend of someone who witnessed it.

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