Pastor Shot In The Head By Angry Driver During Argument

A 22-year-old pastor is currently fighting to stay alive in the hospital after he was shot in the head after a heated argument.
The young pastor, Steven Simon of the Straight Way to Heaven church in West Palm Beach, was driving with his 23-year old girlfriend in his car when the incident happened.

The pastor’s girlfriend called the police right after the shooting.

“We’re driving, and [inaudible] he cut us off,” she said.  ”Then, we kept driving, and he drove by us, then he cut us off again, and then he shot at us.”

The police are currently looking for the shooter from the description given by the distraught girlfriend.

“Unfortunately, road rage is becoming a part of our culture. People get upset where there was a slow down. It’s just absolutely ludicrous to let a situation like this escalate,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

“We desperately need the public’s help,” Sheriff Snyder said. he added,”There’s someone out there who can help us.”

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