How Not To Loose Your Marriage To The House Help

  •  Never employ a housemaid if you cannot really trust your husband with opposite sex or if he has history of sexual infidelity.
  • Never employ a housemaid that is more beautiful than you, she may turn out to be your nemesis and take your husband from you.
  •   Never employ housemaid you cannot control.
  •  Don't go for a housemaid if you do not really need one.
  •  If your housemaid suddenly become uncontrollable, stubborn and disobedient to you, while your husband see nothing wrong in it, be very observant, there is something fishy under your roof.
  •  Don't ever permit your maid to be tying towel for hours just because she wants to take her bath.
  •  Never employ a maid if you don't have a separate room where you are going to put her.
  •  Don't ever employ a house boy if you have only girls as children.
  •  Don't give your old dresses that your husband likes on you to your maid.
  •  Avoid constant travelling
  •  Never allow your children disrespect her, let them respect her, she is older than them. Don't tell them she is just an house girl.
  •  Don't surrender your kitchen to you maid.
  •  Be good to your maid, be a mother to her. Be smart, be observant , take total control of your home in order to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Guys see what a woman has to pass through because of you! Lol! and Ladies do you think this rule make sense?

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