Ebola – Quarantined Nurse Escapes To Enugu And Makes Contact With 20 People

A nurse, who had previously had contact with the Liberian Ebola patient Patrick Sawyer, fled quarantine in Lagos, and returned to her home in Enugu.
This risky decision, and her resulting contact with 20 other people, have put the government on high alert.

According to Sahara Reporters  Minister of Information Labaran Maku, speaking at a Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting yesterday, that the nurse and the 20 people she was in contact with are currently under surveillance in Enugu.

“All those who she was in contact with, including her husband, are under quarantine. The medical team has been able to trace all those who made contact with her,” he furthered, encouraging citizens to comply with protocol and instruction from health officials.

“We have port health workers that are working in our airports and seaports. We are calling on citizens specifically to cooperate. If health workers say you have had contact with A, B, C, don’t move to anywhere; respect that judgment.

It is very important. In one or two cases where we have had disobedience, we lost one of them and this one now moved with it to another place (Enugu). So we are urging Nigerians, please, to help us in making sure that all these messages and appeals we are making are implemented.”

189 people are now being monitored in Nigeria. Three have died from the disease: Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American businessman who collapsed in Lagos, an attending nurse, and an ECOWAS staffer who worked with Sawyer.

*This pure wickedness on the Nurse’ part and her actions are no different from what Patrick Sawyer is being accused of….why knowingly spread something? wickedness in high places!. God help us all….do have a Lovely day ahead..

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