Doctors At Ebola Isolation Center In Lagos Say N1.9bn Promised By The FG Was Never Received

Countering reports from both the Federal Government and the Ministry of Health in Nigeria claiming almost N1.9bn in funding was released to fight the Ebola virus, doctors working at the isolation center at the Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) in Yaba, Lagos, say that they have yet to receive any financial support, and as conditions there deterioriate, so does staff morale.
Reaching out today, a resident doctor working at the center, who asked to remain anonymous, disclosed that the money allegedly sent from the Federal Government has yet to reach patients suffering in Lagos. "The money said to have been released by the Federal Government is still 'on its way' to Lagos," he said.

The resident also revealed some of the appalling conditions at the center and the callous nature with which the medical staff at the isolation center are being treated, faulting the Ministry of Health for their attempts to mislead the public on the crisis and downplay the efforts of the staff there.

"Chukwu is grossly misinforming the public," the source said. "He claims residents are not part of the success story. I have been attending the training sessions with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Doctors Without Borders at the Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) in Yaba. From Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) alone there are up to 4 or 5 doctors among the 10 or so doctors there."

He further alleged that these doctors, especially the residents, have been working hard to ensure patients receive adequate care, at the expense of their own. " Residents are in absolute control in IDH, Yaba. They have been there with all dedication for 3 weeks or more. They have been working tirelessly in shifts without adequate renumeration, food, shelter, or care," he said.

The Ministry of Health released a press statement today claiming millions have been donated by corporations to the Ebola crisis relief efforts in Nigeria, on top of funds alloted by the state government and federal government.

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