Cameroon bombs Boko Haram camp killing 'many' Terrorists

Boko Haram has suffered a heavy casualty after coming under attack from Cameroon’s army. The Cameroonian army shelled one of the Islamist sect’s camps across the border, killing “many” fighters, according to a security official.

The source said the army shelled the camp on Wednesday evening, two days after the jihadist group seized control of Gamboru Ngala on the border with Cameroon.
“It was tanks stationed on the frontier at Fotokol (on Cameroon’s side of the border) that shelled the camp on the other side,” the source said on condition of anonymity.
“Seen from Fotokol this morning, Gamboru looks empty and smells of death,” he added. “Nobody knows how many Boko Haram members were killed, but it is obvious that many were.”
The shelling was confirmed by a local police officer.

“These were abandoned houses that they have occupied since they entered Gamboru. We think they still control the town, because there are many of them and they didn’t all gather in the same place,” he said.
All was calm in Fotokol by Wednesday following days of panic as residents fled to escape the Boko Haram attack on Gamboru.
The Catholic Church has complained that the Boko Haram insurgents have taken over the parish rectory of its Church and other houses of Christians after last week’s attack on Madagali in Adamawa State.
The Director, Catholic Social Communications in-charge of the Maiduguri Diocese, Rev. Fr. Gideon Obasogie, said Christians and Christian institutions had been at the receiving end of the satanic group.

Fr. Obasogie said in Madagali, “the whole town and the Parish rectory have been occupied by the terrorists; so many structures and items have been vandalised. Dozens killed and a lot of church structures have been burnt down.”
Fr. Gideon also lamented the unhindered advancement of the insurgents in the Gwoza part of Borno, a town they have already declared as their Caliphate.
In a statement, he said: “The Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram has advanced greatly in their rampage and killings, to the extent of declaring a Caliphate in Gwoza Local Government Area of Borno State, a town bordering Borno and Adamawa states.

“As it is well known, the catholic diocese of Maiduguri covers the whole of Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states, the three states under strict emergency rule.
“Apart from the churches within Maiduguri that have great share of such attacks by the terrorists group, all the churches on the major road linking Maiduguri and Adamawa state have been closed down due to same acts of terrorism. St Timothy’s Bama had been under siege since last year. The Parish priest, Rev. Fr. Timothy Cosmas, had long been relocated to a different Parish. At the early part of this year St. Peter’s Pulka was badly attacked. Thanks to God the Pastor Fr. James John was luckily unavailable. The terrorists searched and wanted to kill the holy Priest of God.

“Lately, precisely on Friday the 22th August 2014, the dreaded group had moved steadily and yet more boldly into Gwoza, which is in Borno State and the neighbouring Madagali Local Government Area in Adamawa State. Declaring a caliphate!!! The assisting priest of St. Denis Madagali, Fr. Aiden Ibrahim, fled the Parish with some of his Parishioners to the mountains, upon hearing serious fire battle from the terrorists. Since the curfew declared after wards was dusk to dawn, they had to travel on foot through the mountains up on till Michika, a neighbouring local government area where movement was free. Since then Madagali and Gwoza had been greatly under siege and strictly controlled by the Boko Haram sects.”
Fr. Gideon said the situation in Madagali remained unclear, adding that people who escaped from the town through the Gwoza hills to Michika could explain it.

“Madagali is a local government that borders Borno and Adamawa states, the closest town to Gwoza . It has a large number of Catholics, and members of other Christian denominations. And a good number of Muslims. It is quite eloquent that terrorism has no friend, but it is abundantly clear that the Christians are worst hit. It might surprise you to know that no one knows the state of affairs in this terrorist zone.

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