REMEMBER THIS? July 10 1999 Massacre In Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-ife

It is fifteen years today when some armed cultists stormed Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife and killed five students in the wee hours of July 10, 1999.

The slain students were George ‘Yemi’ Iwilade, the then General Secretary, OAU Students Union, Tunde Oke, a member of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), Efe Ekede, Eviano Ekelemu and Yemi Ajiteru. Lanre Adeleke, the then President of the OAU Students Union and a member of the DSM, escaped by a whisker by quickly running out of his room having heard gunshots apparently aimed at Ajiteru who slept outside a few rooms away.

There was a serious allegation that these blood-thirsty campus gangsters, members of Neo-Black Movement, were sponsored by the then Vice-Chancellor of the university, who was later disgraced out of office.

Omole had had a serious running battle with the Students Union led by Lanre Adeleke over independent student unionism, welfare conditions, financial recklessness and reinstatement of Anthony Fasayo and other student activists who had been politically victimized since 1995. Indeed, one of the cultists, Kazeem Bello, aka Kato, confessed that Wale Omole had a hand in their July 10 dastardly operation.
The question that everyone keeps asking is, who killed Iwilade and the rest of the students.