Nigerians, vote out PDP and get electricity -says Gov. Fashola

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State on Friday said uninterrupted power supply could be achieved in the country. He explained that the only way to achieve the feat was for Nigerians to vote out the ruling Peoples Democratic Party from power in the 2015 general elections.
Fashola, who said this at an event to mark his administration's 2,600 in office in Ikeja, said power crisis in the country was caused by lack of ideas and insincerity of purpose on the part of the Federal Government.
He said," Yes, it is possible to generate electricity and to make sure that everybody in this country has electricity , I agree with you it is simple what we have done in Lagos within the areas where we are constrained showed that it can be done.

But you know what the only way that you and I will have electricity in this country will be to vote out the PDP.""In 16 years hundreds of billions of naira, trillions of naira have been spent and we cannot switch on electricity and in seven years we have created four plants , it showed that something is missing. So unless you vote for All Progressive Congress, an inefficient government, it is going to be difficult to have electricity.

"They started from vision 2020-20 and I told you then that they were having nightmare that there was no vision.They moved to seven point agenda and now they are transforming." Let me also say that in the last seven years, ask how many new power plants the Federal Government has commissioned because sometimes the power that is coming to Lagos at most is 1000 mega watts."Fashola said his administration in the last 100 days gave priority attention to provision of homes for Lagosians through the Lagos Home ownership Mortgage Scheme.

He explained that the state government in a bid to reduce the housing deficit in the state has continued to give out 200 housing units every month to subscribers to the scheme, adding that the state government intensified efforts to ensure that those in the informal sector benefit from the scheme.
In the area of infrastructural development , he said the state government completed so many road projects across the state within the period , noting that 205 roads projects were at various stages of construction in the state.

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