"I Caught My Wife Having Passionate Sex With My Dad On Our Bed" – What Should I Do?

Dear Readers,
My wife and I have been together for nine years and married for three. She is everything I ever wanted and I thought nothing would come between us.
We have even been talking about starting a family before we reach 30 next year. She is very beautiful and men have always chased her, but I trusted her completely.

My boss asked me to stay behind at work last week to get a rush job finished, so I phoned my wife to say I would be a couple of hours late. But we worked quickly and finished earlier than expected.

My dad’s car was outside our house when I got home. The TV was on but no one was watching it. I went upstairs and there they were — having noisy, passionate sex on our bed.

I went mad. I kicked my dad out and called my wife all sorts of names. I stormed downstairs and she followed me.
She was crying and begged me to listen to her but I didn’t want to hear any of her excuses. Should i divorce my wife because my father said that she is not my type and that she seduced him? Please help?

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