How To Download upto 10 Gigabytes Using Airtel 1mb Data Plan.

To those who are just anxious to download  huge files or movies most especially during this celebration period or so, you can rock with this Airtel tweak on PC. First and foremost, all thanks goes to the author of this tweak.

With what you are about to read, you can download file up-to 1GB using 1mb  free data or over 9GB using 10mb data; but it won’t work without you having data. 
How Can I go About it?
You can test it first of all with Airtel free 1mb by dialing *141*13*1#
Or subscribe to Airtel 4mb for #50 by dialing  *141*11*9#
Or Airtel 10mb by dialing *141*11*1# but it will never work without data on your phone.
What You Need
==>Download the Airtel Simple server for PC here (extract it to your desktop)
==>Configure your browser with port 8080
==>Set your modem APN to
==>Open simpleserver.exe and minimize, and hit the connect button on your modem interface.
 And if you have an Android phone, you can configure it with the same settings contain in the ss configure file for PC.
Mind you, you can download huge files with this stuff so flex it while it last.

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