EXPOSED: Movie Producer Who Sleeps With Girls For Movie Role Caught In The Act

It seem this disgusting act is everywhere but more rampant in the movie industry due to the high number of ladies who want to appear in movies at all cost.
A Ghanaian movie producer who has made sleeping with young girls his stock in trade has been nabbed by the Police.

His bubble busted when he deceived a 17-year old girl that he can get her a movie role in an upcoming talk of the town movie. He kept deceiving the girl for a while and later asked for séx, so he could get her on the final list, an act she consented to and he enjoyed himself with the girl.
Sadly the girl never got featured in the said movie. Her father later got to know what happened to his daughter and went to the producer's house with the police to arrest the rough rider and deal with him.

To the surprise of many, when they got to his house, police caught the randy producer red handed sleéping with yet another young girl before he would give her a movie role

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