You Can Now Get 4GB For #1500 With Airtel Unlimited BIS

This is what I’ve been praying for in all telecom industry; let competition be higher so that Android and iPhone users can have opportunity to choose the best affordable network and data plan. I got a message yesterday from Airtel Nigeria saying “Pay #1500 only for 2months BB unlimited Plan and enjoy 4GB valid for 60 days”.

If you can remember this plan Airtel 4GB was taken down some months ago before they sent that annoying message to everyone that BIS will no longer work on Non blackberry device. This is now making a lot of sense to me because 4GB for 1500 will actually go a long way most especially for iPad/iPhone, Windows and Android users who can’t risk the Glo BIS on their device.

They’ve just realized that customers are porting to another better network in no time that they expect. The question now is will you rather go for this Blackberry Unlimited Plan for 1500 4GB or stayed glued to Glo BIS 3GB for 1k? Mind you, PDProxy is still rocking well with Airtel #0.0.

How Can I Get This Unlimited 4GB Plan?
==>Recharge #1500 on your Airtel Sim and
==>Dial *440*161#
==>After that, you will receive a message that your Airtel Unlimited Plan is active.

Who Is Eligible For This Unlimited Plan
Everyone who receive the message is eligible for the package; or better still, before you recharge dial *440*161# and you’ll receive a message if you are eligible or not.

Will It Work on My Device?
Currently works on All Nokia, iPhones/iPad, Androids, Windows and Blackberry phones. After subscription, set your apn to, password and username: internet.

Glo, Mtn and … is now making a whole lot of sense now.

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