My House Wife Wants To Kill Me With Sex, Please What Should I Do?

This post title might be funny but this man in his mid 40s has come out to openly reveal his wife’s attitude towards s*x.
He says she is never satisfied and he is wondering if he is the one with a problem.

Dear readers,
I have to clear my heart and let it out. I work in a company till late in the evening and the schedule is tight. I usually go home late.

When I arrive and go to bed after evening meals, its usual to have three or four rounds with my wife after which I am tired and my manhood has shrunk.

Don’t scold me, it’s the truth. My wife is a s*x addict and she can’t get satisfied by a mere four rounds. She keeps on touching me, caressing all my body meaning she wants it till morning.

To my disappointment my little man always refuses to wake up. She keeps on yawning all night. But lately she has become angry with me because she says I am unable to satisfy her and I have neglected my duty as her husband. She wants to kill me with s*x. Its right but the problem is I don’t have that kind of energy and also I have to wake up very early and rush to work.

Please I need your advice. Do I have a problem? Or she is the one with an extreme desire. And I fear she is going to cheat on me as she looks for someone who can satisfy her.

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