In 2014, Does Penis Size Matter In Sex? Nigerian Women Speak

So some young girls went around and asked few Nigerian women if the size of a penis matter to them in 2014 and their answers will shock you. They didn't even pretend at all. They all poured out their minds. And I know most of you will like this too. Smh, big smh. These are the kind of things you like to readddddddd lolllll. The mail after the cut.

Hi Gistmelove,
How have you been? We really love the work you are doing with your blog and how it has grown.
We have just carried out some research and spoke to over 100 Nigerian women on the topic "In 2014, Does Pen*s size matter in s*x?
These women had a lot to say and we think it will be a great topic for your blog. These are some of the comments from the women;
According to Adesuwa, a Nigerian housewife, “pen*s size matters a lot in bed — Call me old fashioned, especially for certain types of orgasms. The pen*s size adds a lot to the s*x appeal of the man in question. I first have to see it before he puts it inside my glory hole, I can say I am a lot more comfortable and believe I am more satisfied with men that have large penises.
Abisola, a 31 year old masters student says; “Personally I don’t want a small size d*ck, as a lady, I want to feel the size and depth of my man's d*ck,  no lady wants to feel she has a pencil or a pinkie in her. I believe it also increases stimulation, for a guy with a small number to give good sensation, then he truly needs to have a thick one”
Ijeoma, a 33 year old Medical doctor in Lagos says; “Whether I am black or white, peni*s size does matter to me. S*x is more than just shagging to me, I derive great satisfaction from making love to the right person, and I have found that I believe a lot more in men with large peckers than men with smaller ones. Science may differ on this one with me, but this is how I feel”
Deborah, a 34 year old trader in Oyingbo market says “which kain question be dat one sef, omo na big one me like oh. Which kain small bobo wey no dey confident go dey play around inside my t*t*? Me no do oh. ”
Doyin, a 24 year old fashion designer said “Pen*s size matters a lot and I have two reasons for this. Especially for ladies and women who started with big size pen*s, it will be difficult transitioning to something smaller from my experience. Also because I want to feel what's going or digging inside me as a result of extreme satisfaction. Large pen*ses sure accomplishes its project or action and I wouldn't change that for nothing in the world”.
Kehinde, a 28 year old dancer and mother of two says “Loool, honestly, my man is really blessed so I have never imagined actually imagined having a man with a small pecker. I see this pen*s enlargement banners everywhere, and I always wonder what the women in the lives of this men go through”
Hadiza, a 30 year old worker at the consulate was more vulgar, she said “Of course size matters. I will always rather have a big one than a small one. When it’s in your face and you just look at every inch with your eyes. You know you are want to tear it up when you get a hold of it. No man with a small pen*s will near me not to talk of entering me”
Stacy, a 25 year old Unical student said “I started having s*x when I was 19 but had my first real orgasm at 22 and it was with a guy in my class with a very big pecker, so I am kinda biased and will say size matters a lot to me”
Martha, a 28 year old says “Well, honestly s*x is an act for procreation for me, my man is a good size and I can say I have had any worries with him at all. We have 2 kids and we have s*x once a week”
Kemi, a 25 year old youth corp member says; “I like men with big pen*ses. I haven’t had too many lovers, but I have enjoyed my sexual encounter with men that have big pen*ses more than the small men. Since I noticed this, I kind of unconsciously size up most of the men that I come across this days.
Funmilawlah: For me, the bigger, the better, but honestly as long as a man is between 5 and 6 inches when fully erect, he shouldn’t worry about his size. It’s really more about what a man can do with what he has than the size of what he has. S*x will be enjoyed no matter what size his pecker is, if there aren’t any inhibitions and he is willing to meet the woman’s needs.
Shade H: I am a more traditional woman, I have not had too many male lovers but from my experience I think it’s really more about the individuals than underwear.

Sexy Q: I love large men! Loool! There is this myth about black men having big and meaner tools than their white counterparts, but in all my travels, a man called Robin (not real name), my Australian lover packed a bigger and meaner tool than all the black guys I have dated. In all honesty, I think sex will be enjoyed if both parties are willing to listen and meet each other’s needs, it’s not just about the size of the pen*s.
So does a size matter to you too?

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