GOOD NEWS: You Can Now Open PayPal Account In Nigeria

Good news to all who has been anticipating to open PayPal Account in Nigeria but has been unable to due to the fact that they blacklisted Nigeria as a country in PayPal Black book.

How to open a verify PayPal accounting Nigeria has been so difficult over time. Imagine you want to make simple payment or an upgrade of your tunnel guru, Your Freedom account to premium using a foreign account but due to the fact that you don’t have a PayPal account, you just had to let go.

Few days ago, PayPal promise to make available PayPal in Nigeria and some other 9 African countries. Kudos to those who started the campaign few months ago on CHANGE; and now it has become a reality. According to PayPal on Reuters, by 17/06/2014, it will be readily available in Nigeria.

Who Needs PayPal Account?

Everyone reading this post or peradventure you just stumbled on this post, you need a PayPal Account. It is a foreign account that enables you to buy or make payment online. With this PayPal account, you’ll be able to make any upgrade of any VPN services including YourFreedom that currently works free with Airtel & Mtn on Android.

How To Fund It In Nigeria
Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to fund and I’ll show you how to fund it once you’ve registered an account for yourself.

Mind you, PayPal is very important if you actually want to make money online, buy online or sell  even on ebay. Do you know you can other the cheapest kind of Laptop from ebay online? Discussion ment’ for another day.

Just make sure you check their site to keep in touch once it’s available latter today for Nigerians and other countries to register at

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