Good News As Airtel Revert Back To 2GB Old BIS Data Plan

 I said it the other time that our beloveth Airtel network that we once adored suddenly turned sour over night by milking it’s subscriber dry of  data subscription; and not only that, but went ahead to reduce their data package to 1.5gb without any prior notice to its subscribers. I’m glad I didn’t only ported from Airtel but intelligently hid my Sim in such a way that I won’t be able to see it. They too will bear me record that they’ve just lost a customer forever.

Yesterday while enriching my information bank, I came across a post that Airtel Nigeria has reversed back to their old data plan of 2GB for #1500 instead of  1.5GB. I think they are beginning to wake up from their slumber, if this is true, then their slumber seems to happen too late because a lot of Android and PC users have successfully ported to a reliable network.
iPhone/iPad users, I didn’t forget you at all but working out something better for you guys. I believe all PC users are still flexing the Airtel free browsing with PDproxy; if you are not, check it out here.
Those who are already making use of this Glo Bis on their Android Phone, if you have the opportunity to top it up with 3K for 9GB to last you for 90days, please do because you never can tell when Glo will wake up from their slumber. Once they wake up from their slumber, you might find it difficult to subscribe again but they won’t remove your existing left over GB.

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