Confessions Of Child Witches In Cross River Nigeria “We Killed Our Grandmother Thru Witchcraft”

It was a melodrama of sort at Ebebit commu­nity of Ekim/Uyi Clan in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State as three chil­dren allegedly confessed that they masterminded the death of one Mrs. Nkoyo Asuquo through witch­craft.

The late Asuquo, was the grand-mother of the three children and was said to have died in mysterious cir­cumstances on June 5, 2014 after a bout of fever after a few hours.
The alleged kid witches mentioned two other fam­ily members on danger list in the witches coven just as they named some members of the family, who allegedly influenced them to bring their grand-mother to be killed.

Their confessions gen­erated tension in the area as some aggrieved youths almost lynched those men­tioned by the children but for the intervention of the vil­lage head, Chief Okon Asu­quo Asuquo. An eyewitness told Daily Sun that the bubble burst fol­lowing a statement from one of the children, who accused his two brothers of killing the elderly woman even when he advised against it as they would not have any­body to feed them anymore.

“It all started in the early hours of Saturday, June 7, 2014. One of the three grand-children, Edem woke up and was said to be hungry and he then called the other two and asked them that now that he was hungry, who would he cry to.

“He told them that this was one of the reasons he ad­vised that their grand-mother should not be killed but they refused to listen to him. For that, he said he was going to expose the matter to other family members, which he did,” the witness said.

The source said the mat­ter was reported to the vil­lage head, Chief Okon Asuquo , who later invited the children to his house for interrogation, adding that at the meeting, the children recounted how they killed their grandmother and that one of their uncles, Nathan­iel and their aunty, Arit, had been penciled down for kill­ing. Based on their confession, Chief Asuquo was said to have urged them to return to their coven and rescue their uncle and aunty.

But another round of trouble started shortly after they went back to the vil­lage head to announce that they had to set free the two persons but were stopped by eight other members of the family who were also said to be witches.

Consequently, the village head referred the matter to the clan head of Ekim/Uyi clan, Etinyin Ekeng Nyong, who invited them to appear before him next week.
[Reported By Judex Okoro, Daily Sun]

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