Browse Unlimted With Airtel Using DroidVPN/TunnelGuru On Android Phone

Hope you still remember DroidVPN? It equally works with Airtel without a dime been deducted from your account.

How Can I Use Droid Vpn On My Unrooted Android Device?
1. Just visit Google play and download Droid Vpn if you haven’t done that
2. Register a username and activate Droid Vpn account

Configure it as seen below
You should already have DroidVPN installed on your Android, but if you don’t have it, download it here
==>Register with your username and password
==>Go to advance settings and select UDP or ICMP, input  443 in TCP and 53 IN UDP
==>Make sure you set your Airtel apn as seen below
Port: 443
username and password: internet
==>Save and connect.

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