Do you know that there are some problems on your phone that can be solved by you without taking it to phone repairer? Some of these phone errors are listed below. The arrow sign indicates solution.

*When your phone refuses to on: this can be caused when there is no power supply to phone. Before taking the phone to its repairer, try the following yourself to see if it will power on.

=>Remove the battery from the phone and replace it with another one, if you still cannot switch on the phone, charge the battery at least for 15 minutes before switching it on again. If you still can’t switch on the phone, please disconnect the charger and contact your phone repairer.
*opera mini is unable to connect to the internet

=>for nokia phone; go to configuration and select your default configurations, then click on activate in all application. Make sure your i.p is working.

=>for Sony Ericsson or L.G, go to settings -> connectivity -> internet -> settings for java and activate your profile there. If your settings is correct and the problem persist, it means your time and date settings is incorrect, therefore set your time and date.

*when your phone displays application error.

=>off your phone, then on again and run the same application. If problem persist, delete the application and download a low version of it.

*unable to save configuration settings: this is when your nokia phone receives configuration settings from your network provider or from another phone as a prov file but cannot save it. When never you try to save this setting, it displays ‘only 70 sets allowed’

=> It means your phone is affected with a virus

=>take the phone to phone repairer and flash it.

*When your phone cannot connect to the internet: This can be caused when your internet settings may be missing or incorrect.

=>Go to phone configuration setting or internet settings on your phone and use the manual configuration for network provider under ‘WAP SETTINGS’ to activate your internet connection.

*sim card block: This appears on screen when you entered your sim card lock code wrongly more than three times.

=>get your sim pack which contains your puk number.

=>enter your puk number followed by your new pin twice, then press ok.

*phone lock block: this is when you entered your phone lock code wrongly.

=>use the default code i.e 0000 or 12345

=>if the problem persist, go to this web site ( and provide them with your phone serial or imei number to get your master code in order for you to open your phone.

*Unable to charge phone: this is as result when the charger is not properly connected to the phone or the battery connection is poor.

=>Remove the battery and clean the connectors.

=>Check if it is worn out and replaced it with new one

=>make sure the battery is inserted correctly.

*You cannot send or receive data via Bluetooth.

=>This is impossible when you have not turned your Bluetooth on.

=>Go to connectivity or connections then click on Bluetooth settings and turned it on.

=>make sure the phone visibility is on “shown to all” or “show phone”.

Impossible to send messages :

=>Go to your message settings and enter your message centre number correctly. We have different message centre number for each network provider. They include :

=>MTN +234803000000

=>ZAIN +2348020000009

=>GLO +2348050001501

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