Learn How To Download 2go for Tecno China Phones

When it comes to China phones, Tecno happens to be the best and most recommended. Though Tecno of lately has revived its technology following their newly launched Tecno N3 Touch smartphone which runs Google's Android OS, there are still few of the Tecno phones that ordinarily do not accept or easily run the popular and common 2go Chat Messenger App.

After a series of requests and questions by some of my readers who use China phones about how best to get 2go Mobile Chat Messenger work on their device, I decided to surf the net in search of answer(s) and solution(s) to these questions.
The search at last was fruitful as I have now come up with a download link which provides you with the access to download 2go on your China phone, especially if you are using any of the Tecno lower end phones.

While this sounds like a good news, the bad news is that the version of 2go which the link downloads to your phone is not the new version of the 2go chat messenger. You will be provided with the version one (v1) of the app while the recent version happens to be v3.5, this is however, not a problem as you can easily chat with your friends and family irrespective of what version you are using.

How to Download the 2go App for Tecno Phones

If you are reading this via a mobile phone, then the step is more easier for you, just follow the link and complete the rest of the process.

Alternatively, download the app on your computer and then use an external USB cable to transfer the download raw file to your phone, after which you run and install it.

I have already made the work easier for you by uploading the link on the internet. Here is the Download link

Your Opinion

Have you tried this before now? How did you enjoy using 2go on your China phone? Let me hear your opinion in comments...


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