Learan How To Use Airtel BIS to Browse on Your PC

This update to an extent will save you some money compared to the amount you spend on the normal Internet Data Bundle Plans for Airtel, Glo, MTN, and Etisalat which most times does not favour some folks. Using just N1,200 you get a 1GB data bundle for PC browsing for a whole month!

I came to know about the Airtel BIS on PC through my cousin who got the update and informed me to put it up on my blog. Normally before I do such, I usually try it myself to ascertain the work-ability and guess what? I tried it on my PC and it worked perfectly. I used the Airtel BIS plan on my PC to compose this very article you reading now, sounds great huh? Alright without wasting much of your time, let me show you I did it.

What You Need
  1. Funny enough you don't need a BlackBerry phone to do this. Any kind of mobile phone can do it, even your Nokia Torchlight is perfect!
  2. An internet Modem (If you have the Airtel Dongle, good for you, otherwise you can always use any universal modem or what I call cracked or unlocked modem. In my own case I used my Etisalat ZTE 180MF Modem which I have cracked or unlocked before now.
  3. An Airtel N1000 and N200 recharge cards
How I did it

Step 1: Insert your Airtel SIM card into your mobile phone and then recharge the line with Airtel N1,200 worth of credit

Step 2:  Now dial *440*4# and send to subscribe to Airtel Social Blackberry plan which costs N1,200/month for 1GB. After sending the code, you will receive a text message confirmation that "you have been subscribed to Airtel Complete Social Blackberry service plan
Step 3: Remove the SIM from your mobile phone and insert it into your Airtel Dongle (Data Modem) or Universal Modem (Unlocked Modem) and then plug unto your PC USB Port.

Step 4: Launch the modem, and then on your modem dashboard, click on "Tools" then "Options" and then select "Profile Management".

Step 5: Under Profile Management, click on "New" and enter the following Airtel BIS settings:

Connection Name: Airtel BIS
APN : internet.ng.airtel.com
Username: internet
Password: internet

Step 6: Now click Save, to have the new BIS settings saved on your modem internet profile.
Step 7: Next will be to connect to the internet. To do that simply go back to the Connection interface, select "Airtel BIS" from the list of connection names and then click "Connect".

That's all.

You can equally use the Airtel BIS to browse on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Nokia phone, Tecno Series of Torch Screen smartphones (Tecno N3 and D3) using the settings above to do their configuration.

How to Check Airtel BlackBerry® Service Expiry Date & Balance

To check Airtel BIS expiry date and balance, simply send STATUS as sms to 440 or dial *141*712*0#.



  1. Hello, I subscribe for the airtel monthly bis by sending BCM to 440 and it cost 1400, but when I insert the sim into my modem and connect to PC, it got connected but no network access, don't know if this a netwk problem or I did it wrong and the above settings from your post is what I used