Morning guys! Am sure we all had a successful Magic Sim blazing week. Even though some people did not succeed in getting the tweak. Don’t worry should in case you fall within this class; many more tweaks are coming.

Recently, I have been wondering tentatively why MTN reduced their tariff plan on their blackberry subscription and so many things came to my mind. The first thing that came up was, maybe they are trying to compete with Etisalat, since Etisalat equally drop their tariff plan on blackberry; or are they because of the new NCC Porting rules?trying to keep their customers.

In some of my recent comments, I discovered that despite the facts that I posted “Mtn BBC is now #1,000”, some people confirmed from customer care to actually know the exact data cap on BBC blackberry plan; MTN eventually told them it is now @350mb whereas it was not so before.

Why You Should Go For BIS And Not BBC Plan

Let me categorically state the basic differences between The new BBC plan and BIS plan

1.The new Mtn BBC Plan has a data cap of 350MB, while BIS plan has an unlimited data cap with fair data usage policy.

2.BBC Plan allow you to have 1 register web based email, while Bis Plan allows you to Register 10 web based email accounts.

3.BBC plan charge you normal call rate whenever you are making call with your subscribed line, while Bis Plan charge you 10kobo per second to any MTN line you call (that is what their customer care told me ooo)

4.BIS plan comes with blackberry protect application to back up your contact, messages etc on your device, while BBC does not have this features.

Note that you can browse on your system, andriod, iphone and even symbian phones with this both blackberry plans if you work with the following settings;


username: web

password: web

Formally, the moment you exhaust your data cap on BBC which now goes for #1,000 before the expiration period which is one month, you can subscribed for MTN 2Hrs plan and it will automatically make your internet surfing unlimited even with unlimited downloading (I am still enjoying it till now. My BBC plan expired two weeks ago, and I activated 2hrs plan for unlimited downloading). But on this new data cap, which I have not tested, I pretty believe that the settings will work on the BIS plan which is unlimited.

To the heavy internet users, I will advice you go for Bis plan which goes for #1,500 instead of the BBC plan which goes for #1,000.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question bugging you using the comment box.